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Writing: The Wall Behind The Paint

Daily Prompt: Paint-Here’s some short prose I wrote regarding the metaphorical nature of paint and the adventure one leads from it. Hope you enjoy 🙂

The Wall Behind The Paint


Walking into this new Chateaux, I feel no emotions at all. It feels cold but dull, carrying no weight upon my burden. I’ve lived a long life, and I’ve seen nothing worth remembering; almost a life of waste.

How ironic is it that the weary peasant, finally rising into the nobility after years of making a name for myself, can’t feel a thing. Years of toil brought me to where I am, but I’ve lost whatever purpose I had.

After navigating myself down the looming staircase, through the Baroque-era sets adorning the dull, dark bricks of my study, I made myself into the only room of the house I had not previously navigated through: the grand chamber of the house; the heart of the mansion. Three of the walls were the same pale beige, while the final wall was most distinctive; a bright, sparky blue. It shone right at my eyes.

Immediately, I saw the fake reality. In the eyes of others, it’d be values, admired for its high appeal. It would catch people’s eyes and draw their attention.

With this sudden mixture of rage and curiosity I rushed at this wall. Drawing my Swiss pocketknife, I scraped at the wall, watching the blue paint fade away as I revealed what was underneath.


Navy blue.

After scraping through that mess of electric blue, I find this dark deep color. Mysterious? Yes. Deep? Yes. But it reflects an innate nature in all humans, that despite the cheerful, quirky, happy nature that we project outward, we have a darker, mysterious self inside that we choose not to reveal.

And the first time in my life I felt content.

Hope you enjoyed! 🙂 Read more, only at Ambiguity! 😀




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